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mooseherman 04/27/2010

Korg Ax1500g : mooseherman's user review


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This is a digital multi-effects pedal that is a relatively well-liked pedal. This pedal is cool because you can edit it on your computer by downloading updates. There are 48 different effects, including delay, reverb, chorus, phaser, flanger, and distortion (many kinds). There is also a chromatic tuner and a metronome built in. There are 2 channels that can be set to different settings, making for easy switching back and forth. This device is not MIDI capable and is not rackable. There is also an "expression pedal" that can control various aspects of the effects you use.


The editing of this pedal is easy in some ways. For instance, the 2 simultaneous channel feature makes it easy to set up settings that can be switched during songs. However, doing all the programming necessary for this to work is kind of a chore. It seems to take me forever to find the sounds that I want (if I find them at all). It also doesn't let you kick up various combinations and permutations of your effects the way a fully stocked pedalboard would. I think that the convenience of having all these effects is great if you have none of them already, however I doubt I'd ever want to replace a ton of pedals with this, sadly.


I would love it if I could find a multi-effects pedal such as this that I was happy with, but I always get frustrated with the digital effects. My biggest complaint is almost always the digital distortion. It always ends up sounding like the cheap 80s Joe Satriana/Steve Vai stuff that I hate. Beyond that, considering that nothing sounds strong enough until you put the delay on it, that's kind of annoying. It'd be less so if the delay didn't also sound really bad. I spent a lot of time trying to find the right sounds with this pedal but I ended up realizing that I was probably expecting too much out of it. Since I want the analog sound, I might as well stick to analog pedals, until they can honestly come up with something in pedal form that sounds good I won't be messing with digital.


The best thing about this pedal is certainly the convenience of having all these effects. Including the tuner and a metronome is a pretty cool idea as well, however, this doesn't make up for the general lack of quality sound effects. I really wish that I hadn't bought this, which is why I sold it promptly, though I couldn't get nearly what I paid for it. I would say unless you are a fan of digital distortions and idolize Steve Vai, don't get this pedal.