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Passociable 01/06/2002

Korg Ax1500g : Passociable's user review


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11 types of distortion including a metal very nasty if you know the rule (I get the same gains with my peavey bandit 112 with a distal ring especially good for metal ...
Other styles are not to be outdone ... I found on the net patches "pre-conceived" and I get the blues sounds or sounds to santana more than convincing for a pedalboard without lamps: sharp modeling!
11 types of speakers can be simulated and the placement of a virtual microphone from the speakers can also be set: I think it is very effective and realistic!
effects are not left out: paser chorus and other effects are present and classical sounds all natural!
other more specific effects are proving very interesting ...
the reverbs are in turn much better than my zoom 4040 ... (not to say there is a chasm between the two: the korg being well above!
on the other hand not much matter connections: an input, 2 output, an input for an external drive to record a phrase for the replay as fast ...
the worst part is that there is no switch! it must unplug to turn it off!
but these are very small default speeds forget!
Note finally a metronome very practical and always at hand to work well square!
Finally, it should also say that the case is metal and is very pretty and seems very solid! but I did not even try on stage but it should work without problems!!
ps: the point at least 10 is for connection


;-) It took me that very little time to learn to use it!
All is done with the knobs and values appear on the screen!
you click the button and presto modulation you set with the knobs; hop ambience and you click you set with the same knobs ...
plus it can use 2 settings (amp drive + enclosure) for a single patch that can switch between rhythmic sound to a solo with the same effect using the rack as a footswitch
the manual is very clear and you will find everything that you did not understand it without opening ...


The sound quality is impeccable and I believe that it will become a standart guitar multi-effects!
no breath (or he can lower it with a setting for this purpose
My favorite effect is the pitch shifter: we can settle this one with the limit: 4 seconds in time, 2 seconds of feedback pitch to + 12 and you play the note an octave repeat, repeat itself at the octave and so on: with good distortion and power chord really straighten you get almost a synth sound that sounds natural yet!
Note also the octave that sounds awfully good: it looks Quon plays with a bass!


I bought it for Christmas and I following more than happy! it is a very good investment that I do not regret
Zoom 4040 can go to r'habiller even if the section gave equalizer, connected in a loop his formidable! and that the connection was much larger!
I pay 2400 francs or 366 euros but you can find a little cheaper: in other brands for the same things he should at least give 2000 balls again! (I think brands like digitech ...)
value for money is excellent!
I do not separate it on!