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Fenomen 03/21/2005

Korg Ax1500g : Fenomen's user review


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The Korg AX-1500G possde a pletord effects numrique dj Describes other fans of this little bomb ..
For my part, I find trs complte, much more than the ME-50 BOSS, more opportunities for combining the noise level are much more impressive!
Level connection, we note the prsence a headset and a hifi out what s'avre handy!
Longer need a guitar amp!


Well, in use, if we stick to the factory pre-sets, it's not too complicated but when you get into the Fast Fashion of his personal, it's dj more complicated (if you're a perfectionist sre well!)
level documentation, there is a definition of each DIFFERENT effects in the leaflet, which is enough for me.


Then the ca dpend! In fact for the sound, we must find the tips!
Let me explain, for example, I want a straight forward its amp electric and super-charged, well I put:
A disto-"metal", with gain 10, treble 8, medium 3, 10 bass
A simulation-modern amp 4x12 with 4.7 in the presence and especially between 7 and 9 "air" (my Premire trick, I do not know what it is but the sound has changed compltement , the ca energizes a max (I just discovering!))
-And the second trick is to put a wah-wah bass "traveler" at the same time, giving a more dirty, hot, and extremely precise and powerful (do not forget to keep open the pedals!)

In fact, for the sound of egg, you have to use the bte shuffled and sometimes make weird!

Otherwise, for the best sound possible, it is better to connect the AX-1500G fi directly to a string (of tough best), the sound is much better made than on any amp, colder than a can of those lights but prcis with distos more biting and gain more lev.

Oh yeah! The rvrbes have done everything gniales, trsralistes and the most beautiful effect in clean!


Sincrement, saw its price (which has + down lately, because of its quality, since The definition of the effects from the price, I think it's a compulsory purchase if rve effects of a multi cheap, efficient (especially connects mixer), friendly, and that the tank is not too ide have to learn self-same matriser gear! !
Personally, I took six months before the matriser perfectly.
Well ok, some say (especially one who post just below) that this effect is multi plutt fragile, personal, I did a small concert with, a will he held and had a right some beer, but on the other ct's true, one compartment is not hyper rsistant boss!
But when we made the scne you do not have to jump feet attach to the equipment not?! It's the same, me when I play with my BC Rich Platinum Pro Beast (that bites a max ki hehehe), I do not have to send my guitar in the air and the same opportunity to skewer few spectators in passing! A multi-effect is like a scratch, you must take care