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Bitozar 08/06/2004

Korg Ax1500g : Bitozar's user review


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Not much more to add. I therefore résumé:
- Amp simulations
- Simulations of HP
- Modulations (flanger, phaser, chorus) and effects (autowha, Wiltron ...)
- The 'moods' (delay, reverb ...)
- The switch to travel in banks
- An expression pedals
You can not shuffled any effects (eg not possible to have a phaser with a flanger and a chorus ... well I know it's not pwr) and you can not choose the order of effects (which seems normal for a multi that price)

The sound of mtronome is pretty bad ... Why is the pace of the box AX100G??

Finally, why must we choose between a compressor and an amp simulator?? I have both AIM me


Very easy to use, even if some default. Do not worry if the list is long. The same note will still be good but I think t have all the qualities cited, I will not dwell.
Because quality does not much mentioned, I say:
- The possibility to switch to 'individual': Once a sound can be activated at the push of the pedals to enable or disable select the effect (reverb, chorus The Dlay ...). It is very practical.
- The pdalier is sufficiently heavy is not moving from the ground.

And here is the default:
- Pedals a bit small ... sometimes you press 2 once (it's rare when even trs)
- To set up banks, you have to press a but pedals to go down, you have to press 2 once. Not practical ... All the times we missed his stroke and that risk of error of her ...
- As used to the Vamp, I'm used to potentiomtres endless ... They have the Korg Butes: If you change the value of the paramtre knob, no longer remembers the original value, which is not the case with an endless since knob can see (thanks to the LED's Vamp) what is the value.

The rest is efficient trs


The quality is correct trs. I have trs sounds good metal. For other amp simulator, with Vamp, I find a bit bland ... but still good when even trs.

For cons, the simultaneous 'acoustic', I find shit! And what she blows!

For wha pedals, I find that the varieties of sounds are not large enough.

Using the Korg with a Variax, I can have a large variety of sounds.


Well, has been a month since I have it. I am both happy and.
A CT less than 250, I have a robust multi-effects pedals with ... Good sound, good effects, easy to use ... All the previous ones qualitsdcrites opinion.

But he also default, as the principal for me the lack of nuances in the whawha pedals.

However, do not forget the price. And the level of quality is to go.

So for résumé:
9 / 10 if no other stuff and if we do not do too much wha
7 / 10 in my case.

So I but 8 / 10