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MGR/Anonymous 10/28/2002

Korg Ax1500g : MGR/Anonymous's user review

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Purchased at Guitar Center, purchased it because of the flexibility of the effects, and the quality of both the effects and the construction of the unit. Paid $299.99.

This multi-effects pedal is an all-around great pedal. The construction is solid metal unlike the flimsy plastic BOSS ME-33, and the cosmetic appearance (as unimportant as that is in the long run) is far better as well, in my opinion. Having never owned an REAL amp, I can't give an educated opinion on the amp modeling characteristics, except to say that I can't complain about how it sounds. The Vintage 4x12 cabinet is my favorite sound. The drive effects are somewhat satisfactory for me, but only in terms of the overdrive effect. It has a nice warm but still crunchy overdrive. The distortion effect doesn't really have a "mellow" option on it. It's either very distorted, or it's off. Maybe that has something to do with my Nashville Power Tele (hot-rod pickups), and that's my guess. I ended up buying a BOSS CS-3 compression pedal, because although the Korg pedal has a compression effect in the drive slot, you have to choose between that OR one of the OD/DS effects. I like to have compression WITH the OD effects, and this caused me to need to buy another pedal. The chorus effects are very nice in my opinion. I love the classic chorus, as well as the flange. I don't really care for the phaser as it seems to sound too "fake" to me.

The wah leaves a little to be desired, I think. Although it's modeled after the Vox wah, it just sounds like a cheap imitation. I'll probably end up buying the actual Vox, or maybe a Crybaby sometime in the future.

The reverb effects are great. My favorite thing about the pedal however, is the fact that you can choose between two difference channels for each effect preset. This is great in that channel "A" can be a more mellow rhythm in the verse of a song and channel "B" can be louder and give you that boost you need in the chorus.

My only dislikes are the fact that you can't choose compression along with a distortion or overdrive effect and then the quality of the distortion effects. Also, the acoustic simulator sounds incredibly pathetic to me. I've tried using all of the pickup combinations on my Fender Power Tele (three pickup with five switcheable positions - AND a Fishman Power Bridge - tele bridge with piezo pickups on the saddles that gives the guitar it's own acoustic tone) and nothing can make it sound even remotely like a real acoustic to me.

The pedals are a little on the small side and I've had several instances where I hit the wrong one because they're small and placed close together. That's not a REAL big issue to me, but if I had designed the pedal, I would have tried to remedy the problem.

The construction is great. It's a solid metal chassis and I think would be very hard to damage.

Overall, it's a very quality pedal and a great buy for someone who can't afford to buy individual stomp boxes. If buying individual stomp boxes isn't a problem for your budget, then go that route instead. It'll be worth it. If you have a 2 or 3 channel amp, then definitely buy individual stomp boxes. Otherwise, this pedal is a great purchase (especially for someone who runs the signal straight to the sound board and doesn't use an amp.

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