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pulvonium 08/05/2005

Korg PX3 : pulvonium's user review


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The notice previously posted is very comprehensive on this point.
I would add just two things very helpful:
-It is backlit (most useful live)
-The names of the presets can be set in letters and figures can be "baptized" his sound, it helps them navigate.
A small flat on the tuner mode: When you go to tuner mode, do not touch the rotary dial! Otherwise your tuner will be in tune or higher LESS, and you will unknowingly give false ... It happened to me (in repeats thankfully) and I have been slow to find whence came the pale ...
Ah yes, also, it has a 9V input, like that over bp stack.


Personally, I first used to scratch, well, he sounds especially good!
We need the manual to configure it.
The wheel is great ... is not a knob, but it's something that two buttons + and -
Manual clear and precise (the same format as the Korg, thank you going to have thought ...)

Then, moving to bass, I kept it to the tuner and compressor. I know it's not made for that, but I have not won the lottery either .... Well he is doing not too bad.

Note that for low to the headphone, it is not powerful enough (but I remember that it is not made for that, so I do not want to account the note)
The "Center Cancel" is effective, the functions of slowing troubleshoot, the rhythm is a little gadget (I'm rather served as the metronome sounds weird are the BAR)
One wonders how many still take things in there!


As already said: Sounds GREAT!
It is clear that not everything is set up (often by a single parameter effect) but since there are several kinds of effect proposed by category, it happens quite easily what we want.
It is true that it is for the personal work initially, but considering the quality of some sounds, I also looked in the manual if you could not put a small pedal somewhere to use it live ...
But no it is not made for it.
Engineers were still thought to an alternative "scene" where you can lock all buttons except the + and-change preset. It helps to put it in his pocket ... or at least not trigger the drum machine by mistake!


You'll laugh, but it lacks one thing above: It does not have the time!
Indeed, when you start with, we never know when you will stop ...
Count based on its size, the many things it offers, the sound quality, it deserves 9 / 10.