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MGR/Llexort 01/17/2002

Korg PX3 : MGR/Llexort's user review

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$199 Dec.2000 Zounds

It's an anywhere jam along box of joy.
My Line6 ax212 gets a lot of rest since I got the little blue box.
Not much bigger than a pack of cigaettes, the Pandora, a good set of headphones and a good guitar, in my case a Strat with Lace's
and you may not be heard from for days.
Packed with features and some really remarkable editable tones make it a delight.
Using the rhythm mode it is just the tiket for slumping back and coming up with new riffs. And if you like it -record it.
You can also run an outside source IE; cd player, drop out the midrange and be the guitar player.
It all fits in your guitar case and is a nice little effects unit when playing through an amp or recording into a board.
If mine was stolen today I would order another tomorrow

Considering what this little unit can do I can only say the stuff it comes packed with sounds so good you don't do much changing of anything but tone, tempo,rhythm and key for bass accomp.
Oh ya, nice tuner too.
The only thing I would add would be an automatic shut off after 5 minutes or so.
The window can be lit but to save batteries I usually shut off the light after I get going. It doesn't have another indicator light. Walk off and leave it on and tomorrow you'll need new batteries.

Small, light but well built. I hate to admit it but I've dropped mine acouple of time. It never flinched.

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