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MGR/Newton 12/08/2001

Korg PX3 : MGR/Newton's user review

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I purchased the korg px3 personal multi-effect processor from at a
cost of $169. The reason I purchased this
unit was to get some "cool" effects while
at the same time using it as a input to
my soundcard in my computer.

I really like the korg px3 for recording
my guitar through my computer. All you
need is a 1/4 inch male stereo
to 1/8 inch female stereo adapter
to plug into the output of this little
device, hook up a 1/8 inch shieled stereo
cable from the output of the px3 to the
line in port on your sound card and get
ready for some neat sounds. I've got a
sound blaster gold soundcard which is hooked
to my stereo. I can hear the stereo effects
of the px3 through my stereo. I can also
record my guitar using software like
cakewalk guitar tracks. I like the rasta,
chorus, blues, and jazz effects best because
I play jazz style music. You can hook
up a cd player to the Aux in port if
you want to play along with a cd. It has
a built in guitar tuner and a

The px3 has preprogrammed bass and drum
parts for several styles of music, like
3/4, rock 1, rock 2, motown 1, motown 2,
etc., but as far as I know you cannot
program songs into the unit. It would be
nice to be able to type the chords in to
a song and have the unit automagically
change the bass lines according to the
chord. Overall I really like this unit
and I use other software on the computer
to generate bass, piano, and drum parts
anyway. So this unit is really nice. Its
got a wide arrange of effects. As I've
read in another review when the batteries
croak the unit sends a load racket
to your speakers. Hopefully, Korg can
fix this in the next release of the px3.

The unit is about the size of a small
calculator only a little thicker.
Quality is a 10. I've had it since
last year with no problems with it so far.

I take pandora px3 with me where ever I go
and hook small headphones up to the output.
Its great for practicing without disturbing
others. This is the smallest neatest
sounding amplifier you've ever heard with
stereo effects. It requires 4 aaa batteris.
I use nickel metal hyrdride rechargeables.
I highly recommend this little thing. I
would buy another one or the next version
of it.

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