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Shlublu 11/11/2005

Korg PX4D : Shlublu's user review


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It incorporates a drum machine with patterns "in the style of" rock, reggae, or 5 / 4 or 3 / 4, or other ..., it also allows you to mix bass lines "in the style of" also and in a tone that is chosen. For both, they are only preset patterns. You can not make its reasons, it is not made for that.

Finally, it simulates an amp and effects and store its settings, but also a loop sampler (oneself, a CD, or the release of its sound card for example), the play in slow pitch to work without a passage ...


You return it with your guitar or bass, and you leave on your PC or on a mixer.

The doc is well detailed, the product is surprisingly easy for the many things he can do. Purchased on Saturday, Sunday mastered effortlessly.


You will see that the product is great in terms of rated sound quality, but you have to put some flats. It is primarily a work tool at home.

As there is an exit line, you can enter on their PC with a sound very defensible, but that always sound a little "chemical". So it's great to get an idea of ​​what it can give "for real", for models on a sequencer type Acid Pro, but not enough to talk about recording.


I discovered Pandora recently. Not too expensive and not bad at all, to record at home ideas and models. History of a composite work or suggest things to friends.

For this purpose (and this use only), the size of a pack of smokes, and € 155 seems to me that the best available. In any case I am satisfied 200%.