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barboiron 09/08/2005

Korg PX4D : barboiron's user review


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Audience: Beginners
This is a multi-purpose pocket (it really is in the hand) guitar and bass.
It includes many models (25 + 23 amp speakers) all possible combinations.
Facilities, a number of effects, a drum of 100 patterns, choice of tempo setting or tap with the option to add a bass accompaniment (with tone control for bass, the reverb, its volume ...).
Sampler (30 seconds from a CD player, MP3, MD or instrument), the playback speed can be slowed down without changing the tone and you can change the key of a song read up an octave higher or lower.
Connections: a guitar input, an input to an input power supply (4.5 V), output (to headphones or an amplifier input).


First approach quite intuitive, you plug ... it works, it fiddles with a little ... it works. To go further one must refer to the manual.
The manual is very well done, fortunately, because many functions are not easy to discover. But once we got it the principle is quite affordable.


I would not judge the accuracy of simulations compared to the original, first I did not at all the stuff to compare, and above all I care less!
I find the tone of the guitar and micro well respected, very good record of the dynamic.
(I have no custom shop at home, do you hear the difference between a maple fingerboard and a mahogany? I know and that's not the point)
It is a small tool, not to break the legs around me when I bump the guitar. And here is excellent, plugged into an amp or directly to the headphone listening.
Warning: rendering the headphone is highly dependent on the quality of it, but I was very pleasantly surprised by using it with good headphones. I recommend walkman type headphones because the dynamics of the guitar is great (and it is very well made), what you destroy eardrums permanently into three agreements!
There are a thousand times too many possibilities in my opinion, we chose one or two sounds you love and then stops there.
So yes, good sound quality in the sense that everyone will find a stamp that he likes.


I use it almost daily for four months. It allows me to take my guitar everywhere and work alone. For beginners (and others) is a very useful tool for working in rhythm: I choose a pace that suits me, perhaps the bass (tuned to the key of the song), I choose a guitar sound (amp , effects) and off I went for an hour or two to work ranges, wedge a piece etc ... very cozy and it's much more effective than the guitar in a vacuum.
In addition plugged into an amp does well here (less tiring to the ears as always work with headphones).
Only negative: 30 seconds sample is very short (-1).
It was not like good stuff to the scene but in a room in the car, a tent in the woods ... it's really a great tool which is quite myself.