phraseland 12/11/2008

Line 6 MM4 : phraseland's user review


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This blue box delivers Phaser, Chorus, Tremolo and combinations of all these effects. The idea was to include a selection of models taken from famous effects (like the Univibe) and then have the guitar player adjust them to his/her own taste.
The layout is pretty simple: With the first knob I choose the model. The functions Speed, Depth, Tweak and Tweez (?) adjust the relevant parameters of the effect. The first two are basically self explanatory. The last two vary from effect to effect. The last know lets you adjust the mix.
On the back you have stereo inputs and outputs and an input for an additional controller. This unit needs 12V and runs on an external power supply (don't use the batteries - they won't last).


You basically have four different presets. They are very easy to program and really all you have to do is play around until you find the sound you like. Once you are satisfied press one of the four foot switches until the LED above starts blinking. Now the sound has been assigned to that switch.
The manual is also very helpful as it explains in detail the types of effekt Line 6 has modeled. You also get a few tips on how to achieve certain sounds.
This unit is built to last.


I think in general the sounds are very good. I don't care about chorus too much but this pedal does have some nice ones. They are very lush and deep - sometimes maybe a bit too overwhelming on the original signal. The tremolo is quite alright and has a certain depth a lot of other products out there are missing. It still doesn't compare to an analog one and I never use it. I really love the phaser though as it sounds great from subtle to full warble. I usually add a little bit to my basic signal to give it a bit of shimmer.
This unit can deliver a lot of crazy sounds and I think it really sounds good.


I really like the sturdy construction but would have like it better if this unit could have run on 9V as well. I also think the dimensions make it very hard to fit in a complete pedal board. Many times have I considered to sell it and buy an MXR Phaser instead (I use the phaser most often).
I think the effects harmonize well with each other and it supplies a lot of potential to create new sounds and recreate classic ones.