Everlone 06/21/2011

Line 6 MM4 : Everlone's user review

« The MM4 is Mmm Mmm Good! »

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The Line 6 MM4 is a modulation modeler that digitally simulates 16 classic modulation effects including choruses, phasers, tremolos, rotary speaker/Leslie, flanger, and others. These can all be edited with the on-board controls and saved to one of four memory banks. Both the inputs and outputs are stereo (plug into the Left side for mono). This pedal is not rack mountable (unless it is put in a drawer), but Line 6 made this unit in a rack effect.


Editing and saving the effects could not be any easier. Select the bank you want to save the effect to, select the effect, dial in the settings for the effect, then press and hold the bank button where you want to recall the effect until in blinks and you are done. The manual for this pedal is excellent. It gives a little history on the modulation pedal or effect the MM4 is replicating, and gives example settings and a description of how the controls work for each effect.


I have only ever used this pedal with my electric guitars. The effects I use the most on the MM4 are the Tri-Chorus, Phase 90, Leslie, and rotary speaker. This pedal works best in front of the amp and before distortion pedals. When I have used this pedal in the effects loop the guitar tone sounds overly processed.


The best thing about the MM4 is the convenience of having 16 different effects in one easy to use to pedal. The most unfortunate thing about the MM4 is that you can only use one effect at a time. It would be nice to have the option to use a chorus and a phaser simultaneously, but in no way do I believe this is a deal breaker for the pedal. The MM4 is a more than adequate substitute for many of the effects it models. Even if you use only 4 of the 16 effects, the pedal is a better bargain than buying 4 individual pedals to produce those same effects. Are the MM4 effects IDENTICAL to the original effects they are replicating? No, but they are VERY good imitations.