Roland GP-100
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Fade 11/11/2003

Roland GP-100 : Fade's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
The Roland GP-100 is an old multi-effects numrique (1995) but good. Submitted it in a 1U rack.
In potentiomtres facade are the following: the volume of rglage, rglage output volume, rglage (optional) direct prampli: volume, bass, middle, treeble, presence , master. There is a display trs readable two-line LCD rtroclair.
There are also the following buttons (you can order with any pdalier FC-200 also):
- Preamp: direct access to the rglages prampli. The mode can be prampli patch (it is said to be the numro shall decide which of the preset prampli) or forced mode (so it is definitely the prampli selected here applies,
- Overall: gnrer allows custom settings global (excluding GP-100). These are all rglages apply the patches and to fit the room in which we play: correction EQ (high & low), level cut of noise supressor, percentage reverbration, output channels (A, B, A & B, patch: can DCID on what outputs will sound), Speaker Simulator: patch, always off, always on, yes or no correction of the sound depending on the type of connect amp and so on.
- Tuner: You can tune your guitar (adjustable level for the tuner)
- Utility: allows rgler levels of electrical output, the LCD contrast, rglage MIDI Harmonizer rglage, etc ...
- Write: to copy or save patches
- Exit: to exit quickly from the edition
- Meter: Allows you to visually check the volume in between, and out of each effect module
- Effect: Allows enclanger or bypass effects
On the right two buttons rglages. When you press it are turning faster Dfile custom settings they control. It's very practical.

Front Panel:
- Between a guitar (priority over that of the rear)
- 1 Headphone
Rear facing:
- Between a guitar
- 2 sockets send / return
- Two taken to control collection outdoor (used to control other effects)
- 2 output jacks to amp (Stereo)
- 2 output jacks to amp B (Stereo)
- A jack of expression pedals
- A footswitch jack (you can connect two spcial with an adapter)
- 1 MIDI IN jack (to connect between one another MIDI pdalier FC-200 (which dchire race)).

The effects are stocks in the form of patches. There are 200 factory patches and 200 free slots to the user. The patches are composs of a number of effects that can be positioned in any order which is quite rare as to be out (or put in bold). The rverbration is always last and the penultimate effect can be put in parallel.
In order to achieve a satisfactory quality, Roland divide effects in several modes in which the effects are Submitted and others do not. All effects of a mode can be activated simultanment.
- BASIC (Compressor / Wah / Send / Return / Preamp / Speaker Simulator / Equalizer / Noise Suppressor / Harmonist / Foot Volume / Delay / Chorus / Reverb)
- DELAY (Compressor / Limiter / Wah / Send / Return / Preamp / Speaker Simulator / Equalizer / Noise Suppressor / Phaser / Flanger / Harmonist / Foot Capacity / 4 Taps Delay / Chorus / Reverb)
- HARMONY (Wah / Send / Return / Preamp / Speaker Simulator / Equalizer / Noise Suppressor / 4 voices Harmonist / Foot Volume / Delay / Chorus / Reverb)
- DUAL ([two identical channels mixes adjustable by a final module, the first one just before the preamp wah] Compressor / Limiter / [wah] / Preamp / Speaker Simulator / Equalizer / Noise Suppressor / Foot Volume / Chorus / Delay / Reverb)
- VINTAGE (Feedback / Compressor / Limiter / Slow Gear (end violin) / Auto Wah / Send / Return / Preamp / Speaker Simulator / Equalizer / Noise Suppressor / Vibrato / Foot Volume / Delay / Chorus / Tremolo / Pan / Reverb)

The effects are good quality and trs possibilities are endless rglage.

Example: you can rgler the frquence of Wah pedals with a south of Manir follows:
of 0126 on the pedals noon, my trip Wah 30 10 (paramtre Wah Freq) and when my PDAL noon is 127, the Wah and off.
Or, when I press a footswitch, the phaser is activated and my amp type and change the volume down.

The GP-100 only has analog input and output. That's only I did not put 10.


The configuration and use of GP-100 is simple. The edition of the effects in real time and the possibilities are really easily exploitable. The manual is clear.


The sound quality of GP-100 is impcable (except possibly in rare circumstances be on some clean sounds we hear o small gsillements) in clean sounds as distorted sounds. The GP-100 is versatile and can rev it all.

The chorus is top notch. The noise suppressor as well. In fact, all the effects are great

Simulations of speakers and microphone permetent connect the GP-100 directly to a hi-fi and even when you feel like playing on a Marshall amp. Ok, this is the case of all multi-effects worthy of the name


I use the GP-100 for several years and I still have not found anything better in terms of his craft. Yet a few months I made all the documentation updates downloads of multi-effects that I find. Being able to change the order of effects is quite rare and can be really weird sounds.

In the era, I bought 3500 francs (540 euros). Obviously the use of an expression pedals, or a CF-200 (which is expensive) is strongly advised to extract all the possibilities of the machine.

Given the quality of the machine, I think it's a good qualitprix.

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