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[NAMM] TC Electronic G Major 2

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TC Electronic G-Major 2
News TC Electronic G-Major 2

TC Electronic announced G-Major 2, with effects ranging from delays, reverbs and modulation with Tri-chorus, through-zero-flanger, modulated delays and Univibe.

G-Major 2 dynamic controls include Noise Gate, EQ and Compression blocks.

G-Major 2 offers control options and enables users to change patches and presets through MIDI, or to use G-Major 2 in ‘stompbox’-mode, enabling on/off switching of individual effects. G-Major 2 also features relay switching options, allowing users to switch their amp channels directly from G-Major 2.

G-Major 2 offers users added control through its three different routings of the 6 effect blocks. G-Major 2 offers Serial Routing – where all blocks are lined as a straight line of pedals. The second option is Semi-Parallel – where Delay and Reverb are placed in parallel and finally Parallel – where all blocks except Compression and filter MOD blocks are placed in serial.

G-Major 2 offers users easy and convenient editing and storing of patches and pre-sets through a PC/Mac editor available from www.tcelectronic.com/G-major2 at the launch of G-Major 2.

Pricing & Availability
G-Major 2 retails at EUR 470 excl. VAT and will ship February 2009.

For more info and full product specs, check out www.tcelectronic.com.
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