TC Electronic G-Major 2
TC Electronic G-Major 2

G-Major 2, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from TC Electronic in the G-Major series.

ibanez4life SZ! 04/13/2011

TC Electronic G-Major 2 : ibanez4life SZ!'s user review

« Great effects at a silly cost! »

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The G Major 2 is T.C. Electronics 2nd iteration of their well known and used digital effects processor. It features

-Insane palette of digital effects, from your usual chorus and delay, to numerous other outrageous sounds
-Sturdier front panel design
-1 space rack mount design
-¼” stereo ins and outs
-Digital ins and outs via SPDIF
-MIDI in, out, and thru
-Computer editing of effects / backup
-Switching of anything via ¼” latching (ex: amp channel switching)


T.C.’s manual is very detailed, and decently clear. Some features take a few reads to fully understand, but previous experience with other processors makes it easy work. For on the fly editing, the buttons controlling the status of individual effects is a great feature. For more detailed editing, the PC editor is amazing! Seeing all the details and options on a bigger screen makes editing your patches much simpler. After programmed, switching via MIDI is effortless, and control of parameters via expression pedals is also available.


T.C. has been well known for their delays, reverb, and chorus for many years now, and for good reason. The G major 2 includes all the usual effects you would expect, plus some that were not previously included, such as univibe, and the pitch shifting algorithms found in the much more expensive G-System. This in itself is worth the price of admission. All the effects sound very clean and pristine, and there is little to no coloration of the original tone with my amplifier (a Boogie Mark IV). To get the most out of each and every effect, it is recommended that this unit be run in a series effects loop. For effects like Tremelo, whammy, etc., this is a must!


Whether you are a sporadic effects user that wants to maintain their original tone, and sprinkle in some extra every once in a while, or seeking heavily processed and modified sounds, the G Major 2 has what you are looking for. With the vast amounts of quality effects it offers, it is a no brainer, even more so in its price range. The shortcomings of the original model are gone, making it a very reliable and powerful processor.