Zoom 1010
Zoom 1010

1010, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Zoom.

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MGR/Blatniczky J 11/18/2003

Zoom 1010 : MGR/Blatniczky J's user review

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I bought this Zoom 1010 i think in 1993 in Hungary, where I live. In that time it was 30.000 HUF which means that it was double price of a simple Boss Compressor pedal. So it was fantastic cheap, if you see all the effect types it includes!!!

Lots of effects, small size, and very easy to use, easy to program the patches. Very good tuner it has! Very good Noise Reduction! Absolutely hum-free operation!

The types of the distorsion sounds are little bit similar to eachother. It would be much better with at least 5 sectioned pedal switch plus a Bank up and down switch, becous that 3 itbhas ar not enough on stage. And I miss the pitch shifter!

This unit has 16 types of distorsion- 8 of this are amp simulated - and it works also! You can find all the important effects, like chorus, flanger, reverb, delay, a good EQ. You can program 12 patches and store them. But even you have a lots of (30) pre-programmed sounds in preset patches.

This is a very good made unit. I've never had a problem with it.

This is my firts digital multieffect and I'm not that graet guitarist, who couldn't work together with a ZOOM 1010. If you want to have an easy to use, good quality, multieffect for not much money, ZOOM 1010 can be a good choice for you. And try to find a sound that you can like.

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