Zoom 1010
Zoom 1010

1010, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Zoom.

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MGR/Pat Sommers 12/17/2003

Zoom 1010 : MGR/Pat Sommers's user review

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I baught this Zoom 1010 effects unit on Ebay for 50.00 dollars,I needed a unit cause I was tired of using stomp boxes

The unit is really good....i have heard people say things like the distortion patches are No Good..but i like mine..i use this with a Laney 50 watt head and a 4x12 Cab....If i wanted real distotion i would used my own,But in my opinion the Distortion patches a real good....You can't turn you amp up all the way and then put on you zoom 1010 and use distortion...it is too muddy...you have to use a clean channel on your amp no matter how much power your using and then the ZOOM 1010 sounds Great...

I have also read people say you need to be carefull with it that the pedels pop of and What Not...well....I have not had that problem at all....but then again i don't Kick the thing around like it was one of those Metal made somp boxes from the 70's.

I just wish it ran on battery's also

The construction is like anything eles...Be good to it,and it will be good to you....

It is just as well made as the other lines on the market

Bottom line...i think this unit holds up to any other effect unit around...i own other ZOOM products and I think they Are GREAT!

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