Zoom 606 Guitar
Zoom 606 Guitar

606 Guitar, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Zoom.

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jojo_guitar 06/03/2005

Zoom 606 Guitar : jojo_guitar's user review


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Multi-effects pedal, effects which comprenent 39 9 combined.
It includes the effect drive, wha, reverb, pitch, ...
It also has an expression pedal that lets you adjust the depth of the selected effect.
I put 9 because perfection is not of this world, but for the price, almost there!


At first it's hard: you just play with the effects pre-configured.
There's lots of buttons, even too many buttons! But you get used to it quickly! After 3 days, and finally understands ... it's too much! It makes its own effects!
Not need the manual I think, finally, for those who are evil, it is still recommended!
8 because it is simple without being really ... Finally, I understand lol


The sound ...
It is just beautiful! I redécouver my amps!
7 string metal sound is really nikel for players in the style steve vai or RONDAT (note that we must just add the contour), the acoustic simulation is really beautiful, in short, it should to everyone!
Small default, the expression pedal is a little sensitive when not deep and is for the adjustment of effects!
What will be worth a 8!


I use it for one week, to tell you! It is still easy to use!
The only thing to note is that my decision may be superficial Since this is my first pedal and I have tried no other!
But for the price (98 euro), I think it's good matéiel and that for that price you will not find better now!
9 because I can not put 8.5 but it deserves!
went a +!