Zoom 606 Guitar
Zoom 606 Guitar

606 Guitar, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Zoom.

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MGR/Chantal 03/03/2004

Zoom 606 Guitar : MGR/Chantal's user review

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At a Pawn shop, "Nearly New", (wink wink), for $89.00.

The sounds aren't too bad. Although the eq left much to be desired, the FX were decent. (Through my cabs, anyhow. Who knows how it will sound through yours!)

This pedal is way undependable. If you plan on playing out with this thing, don't. It is terribly unreliable. The two pedals gave horrible response, and didn't always switch when I stepped on them. The way they are laid out (flat) is not very ergonomic. The jacks also came loose.

The hardware sucks. It's cheap plastic and the expression pedal is stiff and sticky. Also, the jacks are practically floating around in the back of this thing, so if you happen to move at ALL when you play, you can count on cutting out.

I never played one show with this thing all the way through. It's continuously cut out on me at every show. Also, it tends to act up if it gets a little cold. All in all, I would definitely not reccomend this pedal to any serious musician that plays out alot. ESPECIALLY if you use multiple effects in a song and do a lot of switching or moving around. It's not worth it. Mine is getting sold on consignment and it is SO lucky, cause otherwise it would have been smashed with a hammer at my last band practice.

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