Zoom 606 Guitar
Zoom 606 Guitar

606 Guitar, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Zoom.

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MGR/Azizi 12/16/2003

Zoom 606 Guitar : MGR/Azizi's user review

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i bought it at city music near sophia road.the shop is located in peace plaza.its original price was around $200 but i bought it around $144(singapore dollars) because of the year end sale.

It is worth buying because it have 35 built in effect such as wah pedal,distortion,overdrive,acoustic,clean,lead ,choruses etc.and it cost cheaper that buying an effect.this product includes wide variation of distortion settings and flexible modulation effects.the product have a built in expression pedal so you can easily adjust the effect depth or volume during play.i like when i used the wah wah pedal because i can relly control the sound.whether you choose pedal wah or gutsy pitch bend,the range of available sound is on par with top of the line.controlling distortion type and intensity during a performance is made smooth and easy by using tzoom 606.Not only that,this product has a built in chromatic tuner.lastly you can use battery OR ac adapter for this product to function.for those who like using batteries,here is your dream product.it uses 4 batteries.you can also adjust the volume from the product.you can also make your homemake effect.you do not need to stick to the factory setting.

there is two things that i don't like.first it takes time for you to learn how to use the product properly.another thing is i dislike the digital led.it is very annoying to search the effect because it is shown on numbers,which mean i need to memorise the patch number for the effect.if only the product can spell so i can type the effect name for easier finding.

it is very smooth and has no sharp edges.it is strong and weight around 600g.the dimensions of the product is 233mm(W)x159mm(D)x54mm(H).it is made very a very high quality product.i would rated it as the best cheapest quality multi-processor in singapore.

it's really really worth it!you won't regret buying it,seriously.not only it is affordable,but it also contains so many effects.

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