Zoom GFX-5
Zoom GFX-5

GFX-5, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Zoom in the GFX series.

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MGR/Si (obsessed with music) Foster, 07/18/2004

Zoom GFX-5 : MGR/Si (obsessed with music) Foster, 's user review

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I aquired this product on the internet from www.gak.co.uk (Guitar, Amp and Keyboard)for the sum of £159 including £10 delivery charge.

This ergonomically friendly product hosts a vast array of interesting effects and simulations which can be effectively applied to all types of music. It includes Variable Architecture Modelling System(VAMS) which is designed to enable the user to create exactly the sound they want, 33 distortion types, 120 ready-to-use patches which can be freely modified, Auto-Repeat Real-time Modulation (ARRM)which lets you create totally novel sounds, Integrated drum machine and a 6-second sampling feature.
The GFX-5's combination of knobs and pedals provides an intuitive interface which means a smooth operation in developing your own sounds and settings in your bedroom or for the stage.
It also can run on four AA batteries for up to 10 hours or the alternative of an AC adapter.

Personally, the downside of the GFX-5 is the short sampling time which I feel, even though easy to use, is not long enough for a more complex riff or sample you're trying to record(for example, some extreme or progressive metal!)

The easily portable unit comprises of an LCD screen and combination of a solid metal chassy and strong plastic buttons and knobs. It is well designed for resistance and should ensure a long lasting life.

The Zoom GFX-5 is a sophisticated guitar effects processor which is ideal for the enthusiast who likes to experiment and at a reasonable price for the pleasure.

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