Zoom GFX-5
Zoom GFX-5

GFX-5, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Zoom in the GFX series.

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MGR/Anonymous 07/19/2004

Zoom GFX-5 : MGR/Anonymous's user review

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got it from the local music store. they had it for $495 au i got them down to $415 with p/s and 20 ft guitar lead. got it baceuse i didnt have the money for 10+ stomp box's and wanted more than the 505 type pedals that go for $100. tried the digitec and korg pedals in same price range but didnt like the patch editing on them.

i love the fact that you can use the three patch selection bottons for just that or put the pedal in manual mode and they each turn on the dist, mod and rev for the selected patch so you can have you overdrive on and then add phaser ect. also the wah is the best digital one i have ever used. and the pedal is a preamp so it can run my guitar through bigger keyboard amps and the like not just my like guitar amp

what i dont like ???? not much. i had to re-glue the rubber grip to the expression pedal. would be better if they added on more button for a boost. i pretty much love this pedal

solid metal construction will take a beating. not sure about the foot buttons but the plastic seems ok but we will wait and see. expression pedal is solid. the paint on the body does chip easily but black permantant pen fixed that. over all looks like it will out live my amp or guitar.

overall rocking multi fx of the money heaps of good dist and over drive. the cabinet and reverb/delay sound good and the modualtion fx(phase, flange, slow attack and many many more) are all kick ass. i only realy ever need to add my fx collection is a boost and the boogie preamp pedal because no way will i ever have the money for a boogie amp.

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