Zoom G9.2tt
Zoom G9.2tt

G9.2tt, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Zoom in the G series.

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stratolullaby 05/31/2008

Zoom G9.2tt : stratolullaby's user review


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The main one is the simulation of pre-amp, adds to this a range of classic effects.
Three pedals assignable expressions (but limited, see below):
Left: Volume
right: a pedal but two axes! the top plate rotates horizontally (ability to block mechanically included)

The idea geniale in my opinion:

is available at the input of two knobs, one for the lamp and a rate for the transistor rate. If both are zero, no sound. One can decide to have only the lamp, the transistor or a mix !!!

and it is same as output !!!

All this in a heavy but sturdy metal box.


Pretty simple to use but not necessarily intuitive.
I come from Boss (gt-6), it seemed clearer.
Spending home studio live requires some mods general, nothing nasty if you know where you're going.

The least: the assignment of pedal expression is reduced to a few parameters. You have a very limited choice compared to a Boss example is just ridiculous.
So innovation but pre-configured, standardized.
Fortunately there is an effects loop ...


The first impression is mixed with headphones but it comes mostly from the fact that the possibilities are enormous, long labor for his home studio.

But on an amp ... THIS IS THE BIG SLAP !!! AND IN ALL STYLES !!!!

I Stratophile, 3 single microphones; for blues okay but for the metal ...
Here I take my foot !!!!
I board never afford config lamps and now I understand
that as long as we have not tried it you can not understand.
This really is another world, like spending .wave 3 * .mp3 to 10000 bit floating-point !!!

If the effects are precise but wha-wha out I find no interest in expression pedal. (Yes I do my boring)


A year of use.
I board probably got lucky with the sort of lamps for
I much shoves a Tonelab (c rico okay ^^).

I do not regret the purchase but without pedals version of exp I would not say no.
This would have allowed a more ergonomic layout in my sound chain.
And for the same price to a higher sorting tubes in all pedaliers!

My advice: try the model you purchase.