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Thread Advice on Fender guitars and amps

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1 Advice on Fender guitars and amps
Hi all - I am looking for some expert advice!

I really want to start playing the electric guitar but I don't know how to get started...

I was thinking about buying one of these Fender guitars (https://guitar.fender.en.audiofanzine.com) - which one would be better for a beginner? I can be a little flexible with my budget...

I was also reading this Champion 600's review (Here is the review)... It seems to be a great amp, but I was wondering what other people think about it. Any advice??

Quote: expert advice!

you're on a forum..don't dream.

most important things are missing:

budget(100 1000 10000?)
utilisation? (first guitar, home practice, live, woodstock?)
kind of music? (metal, rock, pop?)
Give me enough knobs, I can controle the world
Sorry, I didn't give a budget because I am a little flexible and I wanted to hear what you would suggest first...

So, I was planning on spending around $800 for both the guitar and the amp, but I don't mind spending more if I find something I really like. There are so many choices though, and I feel a little overwhelmed!

I know that I shouldn't choose just by the brand, but so many people have told me that Fender is the best and so I really want one (good marketing on their part I guess!)

As far as the type of music I want to play, I want to try some kind of blues / rock sound...like Eric Clapton

So, that being said - any other ideas?
Humm... I think a stratocaster will be fine. :bave:

if I were you, I would look for a second hand one. mexican classic player sound realy good and look the highway to. they are good guitars and you can get them for 400$/500$.

for the amp, look the small 5 watts tube amp, like the epiphone Valve Jr if you only want to play at home.
If you want to have an which can play both with band, and at home, look the 15 Watts amps.
but it's more expensive and it sounds a bit loud for a "domestic play", (but you can get attenuators http://www.tubejuiceattenuators.com/, or make one, it's not difficult)

I tried several of them, and I bought the fender Blues Jr, it's a realy good amp, nice and beautifull clean and crunch, it sounds as every fender: like cristal.
what is more, it accepts realy realy well every kind of effects.

Quote: (good marketing on their part I guess!)

I have read a quotation of a fender executive about it: hendrix has sold more fender guitars than every fender representant.

legend... :mrg:

excuse me for my english...I'm french, and french people speak realy bad english... :lol:
Give me enough knobs, I can controle the world
Hey, thanks for the info. I think I am going to get a used MIM Strat after all.

Still not decided on the amp though...

Your English is much better than my French would be! Thanks again!