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Electric Pianos user reviews

  • Hohner Clavinet E7

    Hohner Clavinet E7 - "Really awesome electric clavinet!"


    This is a clavinet, a type of electric piano instrument. It is the instrument that Stevie Wonder famously used on "Superstition", among many others. It's been featured on many classic songs and has a really unique sound that is comparable to a piano …

  • Optigan Stereophonic

    Optigan Stereophonic - moosers's review


    The Optigan Stereophonic is a unique electronic keyboard instrument that was a precursor to the Orchestron. There are a number of different Optigan models, but the Stereophonic is the one most commonly seen and also goes under the model number Optig…

  • Rhodes Mark II Stage 73

    Rhodes Mark II Stage 73 - moosers's review


    The Rhodes Mark II Stage 73 is an electric piano designed for portability, hence the name. I don't think that you'll find too many people lugging these around to gigs anymore, but it's still an awesome electric piano for use in the studio or otherwi…

  • Roland EP-30

    Roland EP-30 - moosers's review


    The Roland EP-30 is an electric piano that was made in the 1970's. There aren't too many of these around, but the studio that I work at has one of them that floats around from room to room. It's not an electric piano like a Rhodes or Wurlitzer, as …

  • Rhodes Mark III EK-10

    Rhodes Mark III EK-10 - moosers's review


    The Rhodes Mark III EK-10 is a rare electric piano that has a synthesizer built in as well. I believe that this was made in the early 1980's, and I'm pretty sure that only a small handful of them were made. It's probably the most unique Rhodes elec…

  • Rhodes PianoBass

    Rhodes PianoBass - moosers's review


    The Rhodes Piano Bass is a unique keyboard that only has two octaves of bass notes. There are a few different versions of the Piano Bass, but I don't think that all too many of them were made in general. It became a well known instrument because of…

  • Hohner Pianet T

    Hohner Pianet T - moosers's review


    The Hohner Pianet T is an analog electric piano. It comes in a suitcase style casing and doesn't have any legs or any setting controls whatsoever, so you what you hear is what you get. It doesn't have a sustain pedal or an option for one either, so…

  • Wurlitzer EP200

    Wurlitzer EP200 - "Wurlitzer EP-200"


    The Wurlitzer electric piano was produced in various forms from 1955 to about 1982 and is one of rock music's iconic instruments; the keyboardist's equivalent of the Gibson SG or the Rickenbacker 4001 bass. In other words, not quite up there with the…

  • Wurlitzer 200A

    Wurlitzer 200A - mooseherman's review


    What can be said about this instrument that hasn't already been said? There's a reason that these are selling at absurdly high rates right now. From Joni Mitchell to Ray Charles to Motown, many great recordings have been made using these great electr…

  • Wurlitzer 112

    Wurlitzer 112 - moosers's review


    The Wurlitzer 112 is an electric piano that was made in the 1950s.  I believe that it was the third electric piano made by Wurlitzer, with the 110 and the 111 being the first two.  There aren't too many features on the 112, as it simply has a volume …