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Electric Pianos user reviews

  • Wurlitzer 200A

    Wurlitzer 200A - Vixen Rising's review


    Buy Used but totally reconditioned by vintagevibe end of 2013. Before have I had my Wurlitzer VST Arturia then Pianet T Hohner. What I like the most, sound, mechanical heat ... We feel for the game and it affects the approach of the keyboard, a…

  • Rhodes mkII suitcase

    Rhodes mkII suitcase - " Sound and accuracy. Wow."


    Intensive use since I bought it in 2011 due to several hours a day. The amp brings a lot to the overall timbre piano distortion at high volume, tremolo development through 4 speakers suitcase. Stereo headphone output on the amp, two output (left / …

  • Yamaha CP-70

    Yamaha CP-70 - " A Classic Inimitable"


    Happy owner of a CP70B for a while already, I have to say that this keyboard deserves its reputation among the Classic Keyboard. With CP80, the reference in terms of "Electric Grand". I will not mention here the technical specifications given by t…

  • Waldorf Zarenbourg

    Waldorf Zarenbourg - " Wonderful!"


    Vintage beautiful piano sounds. The emulation of CP 80 is impressive as well for the Rhodes and Wurlitzer. Great Steinway piano. The instrument is very classy, ​​cozy with a great look. Keyboard Fatar upscale firm enough very convincing. You ca…

  • Rhodes Mark 7 Stage 73 A

    Rhodes Mark 7 Stage 73 A - olivier.peron.16's review


    Hello, Cause I have to duplicate divest me of my Rhodes Mark 7 (white) with stand It almost never used ... It is not guaranteed under (since 2 years already but is new! Given the urgency I am ready to let him go 2800 euros, Does this intre…

  • Wurlitzer 145

    Wurlitzer 145 - " puzzling"


    Bought there aa little famous Samba Laurent, this Wurlitzer 145, me at first disappointed. touch 145 is not the 200 ... The key travel is short. The hit is on notice too light (which I usually played on a Rhodes Suitcase MKI 1979 SeventyThree ... mor…

  • Wurlitzer 200A

    Wurlitzer 200A - " expensive but cool"


    I've had two months works well but lacked some tines. After thorough cleaning, adjustment, lubrication of mechanical and manufacturing missing tines it is operational. This is a Wurlitzer 200 U.S. late 60's so a little hum, but you can always cha…

  • Viscount Intercontinental Piano 7

    Viscount Intercontinental Piano 7 - " BASIC PIANO"


    My first instrument when I heard the music. At the time it was enough the case. A little aged badly but since I can not separate myself. The sounds seem antiquated and sometimes useless especially when you learn classical piano. It was not a feat o…

  • Armon P-61

    Armon P-61 - " Attaching"


    I do not know what I bought in the empty attic, well, I'm not disappointed. Especially his piano. Although pêchus. In addition it is amplified and two small HP send well hidden well. So I took him where I want. It is solid sheet metal is all brawny…

  • Fender Rhodes Mark I Stage Piano

    Fender Rhodes Mark I Stage Piano - " Still irreplaceable"


    I use it for over 35 years! And I always irreplaceable. At the time there were no other piano models portable, so no further testing. The model I bought used is a mark 1 1972. The keys are made of wood and hammers half wood, half plastic. This is…