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Dryfe 04/18/2011

Yamaha CP30 : Dryfe's user review

« Stunning! »

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This CP 30 was a present from a friend and it had been sitting for years in a garage.
I use it in a progressive metal band that blends Magma, Tool, Messhugah, Neurosis.

The Cp30 has a very unique sound: Halfway between a clavinet and a Wurly, in my opinion.
Not too Rhodes.
It's an electronic piano, it's not warm and does not intend to compete with a piano.
It has its own sound.

It may be equipped with several sound banks, but the difference between them is not "flagrant." It's more like a variation of the same basic waveform.
Do note that it's pretty noisy: A noise suppressor is a must!

I plugged it into a JCM900 with lots of effects: wah, fuzz, delay, and I toggle between clean and distortion sound.
It's not easy to tame its sound, you need to try lots of combinations, but it has a very interesting personality!
It's the centerpiece of my set:
Besides it, I have a Korg DW8000 and soon a Nord electro...

Broadly speaking, the CP30 is a piano that won't go unnoticed!

Its advantages:
- The pitch, decay and tremolo, which allow you to sculpt the sound and provide it a strong personality.
- Very powerful lows, an edge that allows it to find its place even in a saturated mix.
- A rock-solid build
- Dual/mono possibility
- Its price (about $400)
- A unique personality.

Its disadvantages:
- A stiff keyboard: It's good to exercise the fingers, but you can feel that you are dealing with a real instrument
- Its weight, it's like a dead horse.

To make yourself an idea of how it sounds, watch this video: