youlhann 08/13/2012

Harley Benton R7-450FR : youlhann's user review

«  Great base to upgrade »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Everything has pretty much said in the "information" associated with this product, if not the origin, probably Asia but I have no certainties.
Big, big, big, big downside for me, Floyd.
I found it very poor quality, both material level (Floyd trashing one screw by tightening it is extremely easy) than at 2 years in use because I have not managed to make it yours perfect agreement despite many efforts.
Detuning been light if set correctly, but this, which I boiled the crisis severely.
After you can invest in a Tremol-no, or other system of its kind, it should solve the problem.
The tuners are average but not completely discard.


No problem with the violin, honestly it's great.
The guitar is balanced and does not sting the nose more than another, the handle a little big guy is obviously due to the presence of the 7th string but nothing insurmountable.
It is not heavier than a Les Paul and access to treble is no problem.
The handle on mine not slide very well at first, over time it has greatly arranged however.
The same attention is not new set (handle, floyd, action, etc ...) must therefore provide the do it yourself at the reception.


Well then clearly the problem lies in his, as if the violin is very good, low price is explained well at one time or another.
But it's not as bad as you might think.
The pickups are obviously not very precise and give a rather muddy but with good set of distortion and amp you can get an acceptable sound for playing the task which hurts while maintaining clear sound rather honest also.
I had a period installed Seymour Duncan SH7-1 on the guitar and the clean sound was great along with the saturated very good.
A small detail, with the original pickups were really dégueus crunch tones, but it's not quite the target object is not it?


The guitar is really cheap and there are no complaints about the violin so if you be willing to invest € 150-200 more to upgrade pickups and Floyd I think you should be able to keep the comparison even outperform the 1st prize home Ibanez, Schecter or ESP.