karadoc26 09/25/2005

Ibanez RG2027X : karadoc26's user review


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This is a great 7-string guitar with a body and a mahogany table and a maple neck with rosewood fingerboard trs beautiful. It has unfortunately not much t Distibution in France, since it has t made in Japan for one year only (2000).
It possde 24 frets on the clock, mine is mounted in the Tone Zone 7 micro acute and Air Norton 7 in the grave.
The floyd is a pro edge and is equipped with a piezo sensor that works really well!
The neck is thin enough, and going from a 6-string guitar, this one no problem, and it is in part justified my choice.


So as I said above, the handle is really enjoyable, in the spirit of what is usually Ibanez is to say relatively thin sleeves and fast.
CHAC is to treble it easier not to heel by the profile and it's really a plus.
The guitar is forcment a little heavier than a 6 string but not more than a Les Paul, then a reasonable rest of this trs ct l. .. no worries.


With regard to the sound, I think it's the 7-string Ibanez's most versatile out there, with seven swords (but who are also almost impossible to find).
For big sound, it's all good: the sound is standard, although Dfine, whistling harmonics alone, it's really a pleasure for the mtal!
In Jazz, it is the case as well trs, trs microphone serious is hot, and we can spend a little more vintage sound.
For the blues, as a password, but I really have AIM a single coil as in Vigier Excalibur 7-string ... that's why I put that 9 point of view of sound as it would really be able to perfect in all styles. (I also used to play The variety in accompaniment).
The piezo, as it plays out its rev rle, and scne, it can really mislead is unlike what I thought at beginners, far from being a gadget ! (Against damage that can not shuffled magntiques mics with this one. But it's a dtail).


I use it for almost a year now, it's become my main guitar thanks its great versatility, unusual for a 7-string!
I have never regretted buying this guitar, and until today I've never jou a 7-string mesh. (It lacks a floyd on my Vigier got!)