neumann08 09/30/2004

Ibanez RG2027X : neumann08's user review


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So this was a very pretty scratched a 7-string. I have about 3 years now, and frankly, a marvel c. The neck is really very enjoyable, but not fine enough as a sword, and more comfortable than other 7-string Ibanez RG models. There is no frieze, nickel pitch. Does not dsacorde, floyd fatal. I have over two DiMarzio Evolution, and a selector which allows for the center position both pickups in single, unlike the original version or this position is two microphones in duplicate. It also possde pizo sensors for acoustic sound impressive, but still a little typ. In short, the trs trs good stuff, so good .....
I'm not 10, because I tried the 7-string Vigier Excalibur, and the handle is even better size ... a little killing, but more expensive and less beautiful for my taste.


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