Fender Special Edition Jaguar HH
Fender Special Edition Jaguar HH

Special Edition Jaguar HH, Electric solidbody guitar with JZ/JG body from Fender in the Jaguar series.

tjon901 08/02/2011

Fender Special Edition Jaguar HH : tjon901's user review

« Like the Fender Blacktop but with the Traditional Jaguar Switching »

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The Special Edition Jaguar HH is a mix between the traditional Jaguar model and the Jaguar Blacktop model. The Jaguar was originally designed as a Jazzmaster variant with a shorter scale neck. They were designed as improvements on the Stratocaster design but they never reached the popularity the Stratocaster did. The original guitars featured a strange tremolo system Leo Fender designed. Leo Fender believed that this new design was superior to previous designs since the bridge actually moved backwards and forwards along with the strings during tremolo use, thereby maintaining proper intonation even high stress, and preventing strings from binding. This design was very complicated and was one reason these guitars never became popular. This model gets rid of that crazy bridge setup and just has a Tune-o-matic setup like the Blacktop. It has an alder body with a maple bolt on neck. The neck has a rosewood fretboard with a vintage radius on it and 22 frets. It has the traditional Jaguar 24 inch neck to make the tone even mellower. It also has dual humbuckers like the Blacktop but like the original Jaguar it keeps the unique control setup with Lead and Rhythm citcuits and the individual on off switches for each pickup. These extra switches and controls give the guitar a unique tonal pallete. The nartual tone of the guitar is mellower than a normal Jaguar thanks to the humbucking pickups. Each pickup has a switch that can change the tone from a Rhythm tone to a Lead tone. The neck pickup on the rhythem setting gives a super mellow sound while switching it to the lead setting gives you a bit more high end bite to cut through. The neck in its rhythm setting is perfect for a smooth jazzy tone. The guitar also has a high pass filter. This cuts the low end and gives you a super jangly sound that can really cut through. These extra settings give the guitar much more tonal varieties that you would have heard in music back in the day. Back then switches like these were used a lot to help the guitar cut through a thick mix recorded with primitive equipment. Nowadays this just is just vestigial. It will connect you to the vintage age of guitar playing. If you are looking for a Fender Jaguar with humbuckers but with all the traditional Jaguar features the Limited Edition HH is a good option. If you are just looking for a Jaguar with humbuckers and do not need the traditional switching a Blacktop Jaguar is perfect for you.