Line 6 Variax 600
Line 6 Variax 600
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Blaireau des champs 08/24/2006

Line 6 Variax 600 : Blaireau des champs's user review


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The violin is well finished and good quality the handle is pleasant, access to acute is correct.
Vibrato is sympathetic, use it wisely under penalty of dsaccordage.
Holding agreement is not what is the best I enlve a point for that.
The weight is that of a standard guitar, she leans slightly forward when standing.
The contrles are plas and effective.
It behaves like a normal guitar, glisss, bend, taping, etc ...
There is no sound delay because it is not a midi sensor, there is a mic cord.
I think that the inside of the guitar there is a multi-effects simply because we just send a rsultat with a multi-effects, but not as sharp, well simply connatre the effects and interactions, except that it is powerful and DDI.
The pedal used direct Housing Case of amps and other selections and food is very well done.
The manual is very good.

Ha! sound, I can not tell you, but if I tell you!
First, here is my configuration, BOSS multi-effects (GT PRO), amplified speakers RCF (ART 310A).
I would not do any comparison with the original models.
The clean and crunch sounds are excellent bill whatsoever in rhythmic or solo.
The lead sounds are very good solo for a rhythmic goes quite well.
In fact for heavy rhythmic sounds it feels too microphones, which has consquence to have a sound that is not full, it sounds slightly electro.
Acoustic sounds are correct on arpges and solo.
In rhythm without much attack is good, if we attack her fawn s'crase the limiter.
The sitar and other sounds, adpend how we used them and on what styles, a is no good.

Purists go your way, except perhaps for clean and crunch sounds.
Lovers of big sounds tchent (lead full rhythmic sounds), forget.
For concerts holding agreement can be a handicap lightweight.
For studio and research sound is excellent.
For me it's a great guitar.
I use it for a few months.
This is the SECOND I because the First was a series of default (see the forum).
I would do this choice.
Critical updates are mine, and also dpendent gots and colors.