Line 6 Variax 700 Tremolo
Line 6 Variax 700 Tremolo
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Koub 01/09/2004

Line 6 Variax 700 Tremolo : Koub's user review


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- Trs enjoyable round, enough to play fast without too much force ... Access in acute niquel
- Trs gnrale good ergonomics, lgre enough: only one regret, the tuning is not really: it's really a shame on a guitar of this price range. Paradoxically, it is less of scne Gnant, as if the guitar has a tendency to move, it moves only slightly as a result, a happening live. on the other hand, in home studio, ae: for niquel taken, we end up connecting all 10 minutes, and that even if you pull too much on the vibrato. Black spot of the instrument.
it's really a shame, because without a, I have given the maximum rating, but it's a (bad enough) I think default.

So there's nothing the say. I do not think the majority of modlisations be usable, and yet .... it's a rgal in virtually any position!
The Telecasters are sublime, do not even speak of the stratum, sublime. Sounds Gibsons too, but was curious as habitu play LP Studio, there is no sensation. Otherwise, the dobro, and acoustic (12 string the same, whatever may be said), the Ricken etc ... everything is perfect.

I use it for one month, and I'm not.
The tuning is my one big regret, but may be is it possible to customize it to improve a little everything? In this case, it would be almost perfect guitar.
Level look, I find sublime, with one small default: Line6 logo a little too big and too ugly especially one can (not a "guitar") on the head.