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Thread Cubase SX2 problems

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1 Cubase SX2 problems
Hey everyone, am having problems with my cubase and im pretty sure its coz its not set up right. I posted ages ago about not being to get my VST instruments audible which I never actually sorted out as the advice given just didnt work, but now ive tried to program a midi channel to increase in volume over a bar but the actions on the mixer do not give what I expected ie the channel mutes itself without any command from me and occasionally plays, with the movement of the fader that was recorded in W mode clearly visible but with no apparent effect on the sound level. Im\ pretty sure Im doing something wrong-any ideas??

You say you want a midi channel to increase in volume?

I take it this is for an external midi device (as you say you couldnt get VST instruments working). It sounds like your external midi device is not set up to receive midi volume.

If this is a really old device it may not be able to do midi volume at all, but otherwise you need to enable it on your external device in the settings somewhere.

It's the same with velocity. If the sound is not set up to use velocity then the volume wont change, no matter what velocity settings you have in Cubase.