Image Line Fruity Loops Studio 4
Image Line Fruity Loops Studio 4

Fruity Loops Studio 4, Electronic Music Sequencer from Image Line in the Fruity Loops series.

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Trblft 04/20/2003

Image Line Fruity Loops Studio 4 : Trblft's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
There's small galres on all installed plugins, but by trs well, hence the 9.
on the other hand for the handling of the software is truly excellent, trs tutorials are well done, once they have been followed, no need at all to manual.


My config: CM Leadtek nForce2, lunaIIcreamware sound card, 512MB RAM, 60GB of HDD (Seagate) and the software runs perfectly with ASIO drivers, the possibilities are standards, everything is done quickly since trs j ' The elements a record all one, but I feel I have the margin, has a fruity tmoin CPU on the dashboard that is rarely "full" even a quarter.
the software is stable, it did not crash once. Version 4.0 had planted twice a bug corrected later with all new features.


I use fruity loops for a year and a half, and fruity studio since its release a month ago and some ... the particular feature I like most is the fact that the samples dcoupe I record in pattern, which saves me time and place standard to synchronize, copy, paste my samples, I can make every little lment Adapter Pattern rhythmic Galit this feature with the multitrack mixer that finally allows me to use my sound card effects on tracks spares.

what I like least is the protocol for recording samples, a bit heavy, unlike the interface gnrale which is very practical, fruity has reached a level of flexibility difficult amliorer so it is Designed and cohrent.

I have not tried other beasts rhythms, for cons for squenceurs, the precision of the fruity dcoupage in pattern, I found nowhere has this bote is not a rhythm, it's not a squenceur is a complete software.

the price quality ratio is excellent, $ 149, since all it does ...

I would do without this choice hsiter, I mtal of industrial and fruity I no nothing will happen, it changed my fawn call, the sampler Intgr can change the sounds in time rel, the internal gnrateurs are excellent, especially granulizer CRER that allows virtual instruments from a sound.

it's a great app for those who want to combine sampling, instrumentals VST / DX, instrumentals rels, effects ... trs and simple to use.