Millenium PD-1012
Millenium PD-1012

PD-1012, Electronic Drum Pad from Millenium.

Domi0032 10/04/2008

Millenium PD-1012 : Domi0032's user review


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I have bought a used, very interesting practical point of view because the 12 "is very playable, it feels good and the skin responds quite well and easily.
By only 4 against the tension rods can not reach reach the quintessence of tension in the skin, six were welcome.
The dual-sensor is operational, no interference, but the strike has sometimes misfire! So, once bin quiet, I try to find a walkthrough, I use a Roland TD-3 module.
A counselor if low budget, especially as the was relatively robust, with an attached high-performance and reliable.