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Franky drums 11/02/2005

Roland TD-12KV : Franky drums's user review


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I bought it in 3200 Musikproductiv euros (PM-10 monitor available). Very satisfied with this negotiation. All arrived quickly and in perfect condition.


I had of course tried before in a Paris department store (very poorly done!) Where I was not very excited about the dynamics and sound. Hence the importance of the setting.
I still start because there is better: DDRUM a hit too loud is inappropriate to the game apart and it was the main reason for this purchase, being deprived of drumkit as living in apartments for several months. Otherwise I took a DDRUM because I think it is superior to the realism of the sounds of acoustic drums, the other brands ... that the rubber pad, no thank you.


First impressions after rising, very average. I can not find absolutely no finesse and sounds as expected.
And then after a few days of adjustment, in immerssion record: Here it is FINALLY!
Possibility of any deal, the dynamics (I found the fine) through the tension of the skin (virtual), the material of the play (wood, copper, aluminum, steel etc..) Toms short, deep .......... the setting list is long. Possibility to record their own footage in real time and trigger them from a cymbal, a pad or a Octapad. In short, you can play a piece by itself if you Dipos enough cymbals to trigger each pattern.
I find the sounds of cymbals excellent settings without too much unlike the drum sounds that require some paufinements away to the side "synthetic", but it is the result that counts and it is not bad at all.
A little disappointed (very) is also timbalero, by the sounds of Latin timbales which remain very artificial.
The rest (99%) is very good. Note that I played this TD12 THE headphone being flat.
The affected skin mesh pads and cymbals is really good. In closing his eyes, were almost seems to play real drums.

With experience, you do again this choice? ...

I obviously do it again this choice until the next V-DRUM. Ideally, a fusion of sounds and DDRUM for VDRUM for pads, cymbals, the sequencer.

I am always fascinated by the sound to go buy my cymbals in Istanbul, but I remain 100% open to electronics. AND ENJOY THE PROGRET!