Sony Playstation 3
Sony Playstation 3

Playstation 3, Electronic Game & Console from Sony.

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yoTrakkz 08/04/2011

Sony Playstation 3 : yoTrakkz's user review

« This is legendary .. »

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I absolutely love the Playstation 3, they graphics on here outshine all of its gaming competitors. You have the ability to get online for game play that’s absolutely free. They don’t charge any type of monthly fee or anything. It also comes with a solid built in hard drive that can handle/play Blue Ray. Everything is turning into Blue Ray. Or you can use the Play Station 3 for Netflix and watch movies instantly. The possibilities are endless on this gaming system.

Sony always improves from Playstation 1 to Playstation 2 and Now this unit. You can also get some HDMI cords and play in HD! This system is very developed and hasn’t crashed on me yet. I wish the system wasn’t so bulky though, you would think they would have made it more sleek and attractive. It sits on my TV stand clogging up space. But its worth it because its more than just a gaming system. it’s a entertainment powerhouse for the whole family.

If I had to go back and make a choice between this and other systems I would choose this one again. It was very pricey when I first got it though, it was right around 550 dollars. But aren’t all electronics high priced when they first come out? I think the price has dropped some, but either way its well worth the price they sell it for. I have had other models of gaming systems and nothing has compared to this one. The thing I love the most is the graphics. They are very realistic and can make your jaw drop! I love playing Madden!
Definitely get rid of your old systems and get this one, its worth the upgrade! They also have what’s called Playstation Move, Huh Oh.. Watch out Nintendo Wii, you aren’t alone any more.