EastWest Quantum Leap Hollywood Brass Gold Edition
EastWest Quantum Leap Hollywood Brass Gold Edition

Quantum Leap Hollywood Brass Gold Edition, Wind instruments ensemble from EastWest in the Quantum Leap Hollywood Brass series.

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EastWest Hollywood Brass

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EastWest follows their Hollywood Strings Virtual Instrument with Hollywood Brass, a 150GB instrument that features the new PLAY 3 playback engine.

The second installment in the Hollywood series, Hollywood Brass was recorded with 5 user-controllable mic positions a,d is designed to work with Hollywood Strings (and the upcoming Woodwinds and Percussion).


Hollywood Brass includes Solo Trumpet, 2 Trumpets, 3 Trumpets, Solo French Horn, 2 French Horns, 6 French Horns, Solo Trombone, 2 Tenor + 1 Bass Trombone, Solo Tuba, Solo Cimbasso, and a low brass section consisting of 2 Tenor Bones, 1 Bass Trombone, 1 Tuba and 1 Cimbasso.


Here is a list of articulations and techniques that make Hollywood Brass:

  • True legato intervals at 3 dynamics.
  • Polyphonic legato.
  • True connected legato repetitions at 3 dynamics.
  • Sustained legato samples from pp to fff.
  • Double tonguing for all instruments and sections.
  • Mute sustains and staccatos.
  • 8 way staccato round robin at 4 dynamics.
  • 4 way round robin marcato short at 3 dynamics.
  • 4 way round robin marcato long at 3 dynamics.
  • Multi dynamic playable runs patches.
  • Trills at 3 dynamics.
  • Multi speed and multi dynamic repetition performances that work with PLAY's time engine.
  • Multi speed time synced crescendos.
  • Multi dynamic portato.
  • Flutter tongue.
  • Sforzando.
  • Slide trombone legato.
  • Falls.
  • Various effects and clusters and more.

Hollywood Brass also includes new brass reverb impulses taken from the convolution reverb Quantum Leap SPACES.


Pricing & Availability:

EastWest/Quantum Leap Hollywood Brass Diamond Edition will be available on July 10, 2011, for $995 MSRP ($795 introductory offer) and Hollywood Brass Gold Edition will be available for $595 MSRP ($495 introductory offer).

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