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Cycling'74 Max/MSP Updated To v5.0.7

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Cycling'74 Max/MSP 5

Cycling '74 has updated Max/MSP to v5.0.7. They say the free runtime has also been updated.

  • Textbutton: blinktime attribute allows you to change the blinking time in button mode.
  • Improved max application performance during and shortly after launching the application, and reduced the time required to start Max.
  • Jit.qt.movie: fix for off-by-one error when getting and setting loop points.
  • Anything based on linklist_sort() is much faster for lists with lots of elements.
  • Windows: adding a folder with lots (i.e. 1000) of files to the search path is much faster.
  • Filebrowser: information about internal objects and patchers saved in ref pages now properly displays in the file browser preview pane.
  • Strippath:fix for stripping folder names with trailing path separator characters.
  • VST~:compatibility with latest waveshell: new subname message, new printids message, new ability to specify a subname as a second argument to the plug message.
  • Fixed crash loading patcher file that has a UI object name as the text of a newobj.
  • Fixed “Align Connections” problem where objects keep moving to the right when multiple connections exist between the same two selected objects.
  • Pattrstorage: fix for exp/pow interpolation mode.
  • Pattrstorage: unnamed slots output '<(unnamed)>' in response to the 'getslotname’ message, as documented.
  • Meter~: display will now go to zero when disconnected from audio input.
  • Rewire~: no longer crashes when receiving a midi message while another ReWire mixer application was initially running.
  • Pipe: fixed clock message.
  • Delay~: maxsize now works even when the object does not have arguments.
  • Thispatcher: script new to thispatcher when creating a hidden object can now set the scripting name properly.
  • Key / keyup: control keys now report appropriate ascii values out first outlet.
  • Key / keyup on windows: fourth outlet is now consistent with mac: a-z keys are reported with lowercase ascii values.
  • Makenote: unpacked list of four ints now sets channel number properly.
  • OMX objects now work at any signal vector size between 1 and 2048.
  • LCD: sprite content now included in PNG files created with writepict message.
  • Fix for drawpict message to lcd not drawing in some situations.
  • Fixed crash dragging a patcher from the filebrowser over a bpatcher object in a locked patcher.
  • Fixes for udp.send limitations and udp.send/recv crashes.
  • Poke~: no longer offset when the channel is improperly set.
  • New objects now trigger DSP chain rebuild after doing something bad with poly~ (setting its patcher name to something that is not a patcher).
  • Creating new MSP objects now reliably restarts audio.
  • Cellbock: Updated to provide a new 'refresh message’ (to avoid the repeated use of the 'refer’ message), and to allow a '0' refresh interval for matrix and coll references.
  • Jit.expr: fix for non symbol expressions-e.g. float or integer only.
  • Mxj list.Mth: now instantiates properly.
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