Pd-iem Pure Data
Pd-iem Pure Data
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antiset 07/23/2008

Pd-iem Pure Data : antiset's user review


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Install no problem
pure data The systems installed on all
for more details or below


I work with a macbook white and a sound card edirol fa 101 and a Tascam U.S. 428 (to control PM) no problem with this configuration to the extent that pure data supports multiple MIDI input.
Utilistation pc windows and ubuntu no problems found.
It is a program that allows CRER its own sound and video programs from scratch, so it is not hungry or you optimized memory in your patches will not ratchet you relement you need.


Pure data can be scary at first (I even took me a long time to put in place)
we are faced with a blank page and there it all done.
the trick is going to try and help and browser patches to aid even the potential of the software and the same opportunity to learn 2 of the 3 tips in the Torah.
I learned the Protocol on max msp first for the video and then for the sound, I turned to pure data as it silent free and open source (that is, open to contribution of all).
I would advise everyone to work on data rather than pure max msp why switching between the two is easy (although pure data is more complex but bilbliothque of objects can be rgler problem).
I think that is really the pure data idalie tools for all projects working on the interaction between man and machine through various sensors (the video library with the Gem can be a sensor really int rrssant to the extent that a webcam is cheap)
Courage, an internet connection and friends ready to help you and your ideas are going to be the craziest ...