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Pd-iem Pure Data
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Benjah 11/23/2004

Pd-iem Pure Data : Benjah's user review


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Pure Data is a MODEL for the ease of installation, but it's 100% free software while indulgence:
<ul> either you go to the source: Miller Puckette, "inventor" of Max / MSP, chose dvelopper Pure Data on a free APRS MODEL passing IRCAM::: you can find the last Pd res versions on its website: http://www-crca.ucsd.edu/% 7Emsp/software.htmlsoit you use an installer that contains several libraries dj such as Hans http://pure-data. iem.at / Members / hans (server down times) Note on Mandrake Linux starting from version 10.0, the installation is easy and hassle free one APRS intgration Nyvals site (http:/ / rpm.nyvalls.se /) in the source RPM (Please APO33 (http://www.apo33.org/article.php3?id_article=340) for info) </ul>
What must be understood is that Pure Data is the platform, libraries followed complter functions of Pd for sound, video, the network ...
After install Pure Data should therefore be added and to update the libraries that you want to use: for example for the GEM video on Windows, PdP for Mac OS and Linux
To add a library under Windows, it is "sufficient" to copy the file. Dll corresponding to the / extra and add a text editor in the file Pd.bat the following elements:-path "C: Program FilesPure Dataextra" gem-lib
vrifier and that the library has t included in the text window at the launch of Pd
>>> A child's play!


Like Max / MSP, Pure Data will be able to handle MIDI on a Pentium 100, to read or process the video stream in real time camra will require the computing resource

A "Patch" (the program you'll use in couraging or Pd) can be optimized to SAVE the calculation: for example it is unnecessary to leave a box "number" that indicates the envelope value of sound: this kind of box is greedy because it implies a rapid display of a value rpt and we rarely need to see once the finalists Patch


Pure Data is probably the future of the bionic man artist!
MODEL Dvelopp a free, community is dynamqiue
Certainly there are fewer colors for buttons in Max / MSP, using and REFERENCE are much more succinct, but the potential is enormous because anyone can write their own libraries or come amliorer existing libraries and more and more examples or Patch finaliss tlchargeables are on the net

On your box, ....

PS: you will find my credit rating may be partisan, but at the cost o Pure Data is ...