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MOTU Monitor 8, the three-in-one interface

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MOTU Monitor 8
News MOTU Monitor 8

Ethernet audio interface from MOTU

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MOTU adds a new device to its AVB audio network-compatible series, the Monitor 8, a multi-channel mixer, audio interface and headphone amp.

The MOTU Monitor 8 allows you to mix 24 physical inputs (8 TRS analog and 2 banks of ADAT optical channels – 16 channels at 44.1/48kHz or 8 channels at 88.2/96kHz), multichannel audio coming from your computer via USB and 64 channels of AVB audio network to 8 stereo bus outputs (Main, Aux, A to F monitoring groups).

You’ll also find a 6-channel/group headphone amp with two front and rear 1/4 headphone outputs, a 1/4” mono sum output for live monitoring, stereo balanced 1/4” outputs for A-D groups that can be sent to in-ear monitoring systems or any other destination.


The Monitor 8 also includes a USB 2.0 Class Compliant audio interface (USB 3.0 and iOS compatible), an AVB Ethernet interface, a 48-channel digital mixer modeled on large format consoles with 12 stereo busses and DSP effects (reverb, 4-band EQ based on famous British consoles, gate, LA-2A-style compressor). A large backlit 324×24 LCD screen displays channel activity information, all the analog and digital input and output meters and allows for hardware settings access.

The Monitor 8 control can be achieved remotely via a app accessible on the web on your computer, a tablet or a smartphone with WiFi support.

You can add a second MOTU AVB-compatible interface via a CAT 5e Ethernet or up to 5 interfaces via a optional AVB MOTU switch.

The Monitor 8 is shipping now, retail price announced is $995. It includes an AudioDesk DAW license for Mac and Windows. More info at www.motu.com.

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