Analog-Lab Xpass Filter
Analog-Lab Xpass Filter

Xpass Filter, Filter from Analog-Lab.

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Dr Driller 09/22/2004

Analog-Lab Xpass Filter : Dr Driller's user review


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- Filter + Analog modulation (LFO, Env Follower)

- 1 RCA input with preamp, a Stereo input jack, output jack STREO (I / outputs are stro but the indoor xpass c mono.) + a headphone jack.

- Filters 24 db or 12 db.

- Paramtres Xpass that can switch between the mode high pass / low pass, pass button to switch band.

- Too bad no possibility to sync the LFO.


It's analog so the config is very simple, one button = one function ..

I had no manual with the edition of the sounds is childish (it's just a filter ..), the config gnral is thinking of the famous Xpass buttons.


You going low while keuss in 24 db, you put the resonance and you RULES cutt off = well the house tremble ..

ds a rhythm on 12 db and you made mountains of sharp filters ..

I would not be able to AIM a little more abuse on the resonance dja but there's something to explode the eardrums.


I have been using trs little time, I would notice day if needed.

I love the buttons Xpass which is for the determination of an unusually Manir prcise the type of filter desired.

I frankly AIM BPS but I can sync the lfo ..

CHRE is a bit, it probably will drop ds the years to come.