Analog-Lab Xpass Filter
Analog-Lab Xpass Filter

Xpass Filter, Filter from Analog-Lab.

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voicetrack 04/26/2004

Analog-Lab Xpass Filter : voicetrack's user review


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Analog filter with gradual transition from low pass to high pass, band pass and switch 12 or 24dB/octave, inputs with adjustable gain and given meter, with two RCA RIAA preamp for turntable, a jack 6.35 "line", a "instr" and one for external control of the filter. output jack 6.35 "line" and made 6.35 with volume control for headphones spar. A position monitor can cut out without affecting the output level while continuing to cost the headphone.


The device is simple and rapidemment use becomes fairly intuitive. Too bad we can not add the LFO with the envelope follower and assign these negative modulations.


The sound is a dynamic clean and beautiful for my taste RAPORT other filters. The pass gives the low down well round 24dB/oct mode and its presence in a clean and beautiful 12dB/oct mode, the high pass is cutting edge and powerful. The pass band is clean and precise. The function of gradual transition from low pass to high pass acts as a sort of wah-wah in the middle mode 24dB/oct or take a cot in 12dB/oct phaser.


I use it for one month and what I like is the sound, versatility and RAPORT quality / price vis a vis its competitors. its size allows placement in or you want a set of machines but unfortunately not in a rack. For now, this is the best alternative I found that I carry my digital synths have the live presence and the roundness of the machines I use at home.

What surprised me is his very presence on mediocre sound systems in contrast to digital filters.