Earthworks KP-1 Kick Pad
Earthworks KP-1 Kick Pad

KP-1 Kick Pad, Filter from Earthworks.

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stompboxjon 11/02/2012

Earthworks KP-1 Kick Pad : stompboxjon's user review

« Should cost more »

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The EarthWorks KickPad KP1 is an XLR kick drum unit that is for all microphones. It cost less than 99 dollars which is way under priced to me. The KickPad KP1 will allow you to turn almost any microphone into a kick drum microphone. I say almost any microphone because just trying to turn a cheap microphone into a kick drum microphone might work but the quality will not change too much.


The KickPad KP1 is simple to set up or use, all you have to do is just plug it in. The great thing about having the KickPad KP1 is you could be in situation where you don’t have enough kick drum microphones available, well all you have to do is pull this baby out and hook it up with a microphone and that is it; you will have a kick drum mic.


The KickPad KP1 works with almost all dynamic, ribbon, and condenser microphones but depending on how good the microphone is will still dictate how good the kick will sound.


When it comes to kick drum sounds it will always depend on the microphone and the microphone placement in correlation to the surrounding environment. So even the KickPad KP1 might not give you the perfect sound right out of the gate and you might have to do some experimenting with placement but it will not hurt to have this at all. Using the KickPad KP1 will give you ( with proper placement) a great thick kick drum sound with enough punch to slice right through your mix and if you are playing live with it, it could be just what you need to bring that kick out in front of all of the other sounds that may be going on. For the price that this cost it is a must have, I have seen similar devices cost almost double.