Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 DSP
Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 DSP

Saffire Pro 24 DSP, FireWire audio interface from Focusrite in the Saffire series.

TheJeff666 02/19/2013

Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 DSP : TheJeff666's user review

«  Great product »

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home studio use only, I chose for its number of inputs and outputs comfortable, two headphone outputs with front volume and the quality of its preamps. VRM was a great surprise ...
used with a PC powerful windows 7 machine specifically configured for music, so good with the firewire chipset. Namely, I prefer the stability and speed of firewire for audio use. I've never met any incompatibility with firewire interface for outstanding stability.
I leave the USB control interfaces (master keyboard, FaderPort, BCF2000) ...
the absence of adat out is regrettable. Apart from this last point, it is a very well designed product.


The drivers are very stable and regularly updated days. used with cubase 5, I had a latency of about 6 ms (input / output) 24-bit 48 khz. I was able to save all entries without problems on projects loaded. the only limits that I met were related to excess plugins greedy in some projects, but that is not related to the sound card.


you install the drivers, plug the card and it worked immediately. very simple configuration in the DAW. no crash, no incompatibility. perfect!
Management software of the card, Saffire Mix Control, is a small gas plant mix which allows multiple different functions of different outputs, but he quickly takes his hand. it gives access to built-in effects to the card (I've never used) and VRM (very good that, see below).


A very good product in this price range, above most of its direct competitors, without unnecessary gimmicks, effective and easy to implement, it knows how to forget in a musical process, and it is just what the you ask a good sound card.
the -: absence of adat out regrettable. the connection of inputs and outputs plastic could show flimsy to use. handle with care.
the +: preamps, two headphone outputs, stability and ease of use, and finally the VRM system ...
VRM: an option to simulate the binaural listening with headphones simulations of different spaces and different studio monitors. can not imagine an interface with 300 € you will end up with the sound of Focal or NS10M, do not dream either. Like many of us, the weak point of my studio is my local, in an apartment ... So I spend 90% of my time with headphones, I check and correct mix with my sheets (Fostex PM04, very good), and inevitably, after listening to other systems (hifi, sound, another studio ...) I am again obliged to correct the mix in order to achieve a consistent result on different sheets. Well the VRM allows you to simulate this phase of comparative listening quietly with headphones at home, and I must say it is very effective, it corrects many errors, refines levels, pans, and the equalisations cuts, and once it sounds several simulations, you have great chances that sounds anywhere else. Gain time for a consistent mix is ​​phenomenal once we got into the habit of using it.
Used for two years, I just sell it because I need more inputs and outputs, and want to switch to a higher range (presonus StudioLive). Under the same conditions, I will ever cut the same choice. In addition, I come to realize that Focusrite VRM had released a box for 100 € ... I ordered ...