Focusrite Saffire Pro 24
Focusrite Saffire Pro 24

Saffire Pro 24, FireWire audio interface from Focusrite in the Saffire series.

Eroachguitar 09/30/2012

Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 : Eroachguitar's user review

« Best Interface in its class, and maybe a few other classes! »

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Focusrite is renowned for their recording preamps. In recognizing that there was a need and a desire for this award-winning technology in a more affordable and pared down package, Focusrite created the Saffire Pro series.

The Saffire Pro 24 boasts two of Focusrite's Saffire preamp inputs, available as a multi-input for XLR, Speakon, and 1/4 inch plug. Each preamp is accompanied by dedicated gain control. Phanton Power is also available. There are also two line inputs, SPDIF In and out, Midi In and Midi Out, an Optical Input capable of operating 8 inputs in the ADAT for drum recording, and 6 Line outputs for multiple monitoring solutions. A firewire output transfers data to your computer, while having the capability to power the Saffire Pro 24 without the need of the included 12vdc power adapter.

In addition, there is switchable 48v phantom power and input monitoring LED meters on the front to monitor signal levels. Two Monitor volume controls adjust how loud you hear the Saffire's output. One for the normal monitor outputs, and one for the headphone output, which is conveniently located right below the control.


Focusrite offers regular updates for the Saffire series as well as the Saffire Mixcontrol software that helps interface it with your computer. The MixControl program is rather easy and intuitive to use, and once you have it set up according to your inputs, it can be minimized or even closed and you may use your DAW of choice. I run my Saffire Pro 24 through the latest version of Reaper, and utilize Amplitube 3, Amplitube Metal, and Amplitube Fender in addition to recording my actual guitar cabinet.

Up to over a dozen tracks can be recorded simultaneously with the Saffire 24. With its firewire connection, the Saffire is limited only by your computer's capabilities.

The Saffire Pro 24 itself is tremendously stable. I've owned mine since November of 2010 and have never encountered an issue with it. Any issues when using the Saffire lie with my computer or DAW.


There have been some compatability issues reported with the Saffire, although most are easily solved with an upgrade in MixControl software or other applicable drivers. Installation itself is as simple as installing any other peripheral device. Simply install the software first, then connect the Saffire and power it up. The process from here is fairly intuitive.

It sits easily on your desktop, being roughly the size of one-half rackspace. Instructions included with the Saffire are easy to understand and fairly basic.


The Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 renders amazing quality recordings, especially at its price point. I would venture to say it holds its own against units many times its price. My guitar tracks are incredibly accurate and detailed, never flat or compromised. A/D conversion is indistinguishable from a Digirack 002 I compared it against.

The unit itself is well-made, utlizing Neutrik jacks for the Focusrite preamps. I'm very fond of Neutrik and regard them as one of the best jack and plug manufacturers on the market, preferring to use only Neutrik plugs for my instrument cables whenever possible. The external enclosure is metal, and fit and finish are excellent. The knobs are of reasonable friction and don't feel cheap or loose.

The Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 has served me so well at this point, that I haven't given a thought to upgrading, and I may not upgrade for quite a long time. I'm planning on using this interface to track guitars and vocals for my upcoming album. That's a testament to the quality and value of this interface.