M-Audio Firewire 410
M-Audio Firewire 410

Firewire 410, FireWire audio interface from M-Audio in the FireWire series.

theaudioandvideoguy 07/25/2012

M-Audio Firewire 410 : theaudioandvideoguy's user review

« Powerful and portable »

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With 4 inputs and 10 outputs all into a good sized interface this could be the best interface to have for your home setup. Even if you don’t need the 4 inputs or all of the outputs right now, it will still leave some room to grow once you need more inputs or outputs they will already be there and you wont have to go out and purchase another interface. You can also choose to switch the phantom power off or on depending on whether you want the low noise or not.


I didn’t like the manual with this interface to much, It seemed to be a really lengthy manual and it didn’t need to be. The unit was very easy to use and to understand I don’t get why the manual would be so complex. You wont even need to touch the manual at all if you have general knowledge of interfaces and even if you are a beginner you wont need to use the manual . Just load the drivers and you are good to go.


The back of the unit does have some inputs on it though, I think it has two inputs and 8 outputs and they are all quarter inch jacks. So this unit is useful on the front of the panel and on the rear panel. So where ever you have this unit at you will need to be able to access the front and the back, which makes me thing they should have just made it a rack able unit and put everything on the front. But I think they where aiming at trying to make it a portable fire wire unit that had plenty of outs and ins.


It is portable and still has enough inputs and out puts to run a major session. Using this interface couldn’t be much easier. You wont need a manual , its plug and play. Run it in any major daw that you use on your pc. I am not sure about mac though, I haven’t used it with a mac.