M-Audio Firewire 410
M-Audio Firewire 410

Firewire 410, FireWire audio interface from M-Audio in the FireWire series.

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therry 06/17/2004

M-Audio Firewire 410 : therry's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
After 6 months of use I leave my opinion on this card. A note before I had an ISIS Studio ... Needless to say, these cards do not play in the same court.

I was looking for a good sound card quality / price ratio that can be used at home for the components and on stage.
Yes, we will use sequences Vons on stage and we need a solution to Backup Sampler could crash / fall / grill ... etc ... Suddenly, out of the question to have a sound card with two outputs ... We need to mix the different sequences in live ... So console output and management tracks separately ...

In addition, via a master keyboard, we want to use synths and midi interface card is required.

Home PC config: asus motherboard - 512 RAM - CubaseSX and PLETOR of plug-ins.
Portable config: IBM A31P - 512 RAM
all under Windows XP - Pro

In short, exactly what I was looking for.


The installation is really plug & play, no problems.

For configuration, I just tripped over the carpet for the ASIO config settings. suddenly, I had a monstrous latency MIDI and AUDIO only due to my incompetence ...
Once properly adjusted, it was the cake.

The installation manual is succinct but sufficient.
The general use rather intuitive and does not require a doc outrageous.


Stable drivers ... never had a crash during use.
I mainly use: Cubase SX, Groove Agent and AmpliTube (I enter my guitar "raw" in the card and I use this when I play live directly in the map).

I have a slight lag ... barely noticeable ... I have not measured but it is not annoying at all ... and yet I'm a psychopath of "there must be inside" ...

otherwise, I get to be saved simultaneously: Bass / guitar ... both with "Amplitube" indeed virtual insert ... while turning Groove Agent .... and it goes great.

For the number of simultaneous tracks, I got to 24 without problems, on a piece of 6 minutes.
I once reaches a limit ... insert the number of "Amplitube" (5 guitars and a bass) so, five instances of this plug in ... while playing simultaneously with another procedure "Amplitube" and there I had a complete freeze of the PC ... reboot required .. but I think it comes from the PC that was to be flush with the mouth ...


So I use this card for 6 months and I only had two major problems:
the first: I put my laptop in standby mode then advanced that the card was plugged. He never wanted to reboot ... Beautiful blue screen ... SD reformat and re installation complete. Now I no longer puts my laptop to sleep before he shuts down the card itself.

The second: in the afternoon from a charge with my bass player when we played bass / guitar / voice (audio) Groove Agent and the card went out no sound ... however, the LEDs of us showed that the card took well but impossible to leave the slightest signal. I figured an overheated component (ouhais, it's hot in my attic when the sun is) ... The next day I re turned on the PC and everything worked fine ...
at the time as I rebooted the PC several times, I figured it could not come from the drivers ... but hey, I'm not an expert in technology either.
Update: I found where was my prb the cubase project was 48k 24b and 16b map 44.1 K. ..

What I like most: the outputs. phantom power for microphones ... uh, actually, I like everything ... : P noon, knobs, etc. ...
What I like least: it does not look super strong on the case ... be handled with care.

For me, the best value for money on my needs ...

AND ... I would do the same choice ... saus if I got a contract to prod and I have more gold coins;)